A sack of potatoes. What do we mean by that?

Well, that is exactly how several people describe their posture after a long day of working. 

In the hot desk environment there is no typical office furniture with ergonomic and individually adapted functions. This can lead to back problems, vulture neck and computer mouse fatigue.


With our product Flex, we solve many of the hot desk users' needs. Among other things, we solve the need for a calm environment and flexibility, but also the opportunity to change sitting positions.

Flex always has an active purpose. It can be used as a sound absorber when hung on the wall and the product also has other functions, such as a lumbar support or laptop table for your lap.

The starting point in good ergonomics is to change positions often.

Flex is made to improve working postures and the working environment for current and future generations of hot desk users.


The base is a slightly curved arch with 24 holes. On the flat underside there is a small hole for hanging.

The padded loop is pulled through the holes in different patterns and gives a light and playful expression.

The biocomposite makes up about half of the product, the basic construction itself.


Other materials:

Fabric made of 100% wool. It is called Divina MD and comes from the supplier Kvadrat and is already used in Edsbyn's range.

Wool padding.

Cotton thread.



Working with wool and how it can be used in the concept without being worn.

Test with wool and how the holes provide opportunities for different patterns.

In the exploratory stage of the process, it was tested if the biocomposite could be processed with alternative methods. In this picture, the biocomposite granules are used in a glue gun.

Working with wool and how it can be used in the concept without being worn.



Ellen Axelsson

Jacob Göthberg

Henrik Lunderbye