The current pandemic, sets greater demands on our living conditions - not only as a home but also as a workplace. 

Biocomposite pellets in a mould right before the material is high pressure temperature moulded.

High pressure temperature moulded biocomposite pellets, during the trials of the material investigative phase.

User trials were made using mockup nr 2. This mockup is made from wood and wood fibre board to evaluate functionality, construction and using the table.

Biocomposite pellets in a mould right before the material is high pressure temperature moulded.



The Home concept is inspired by a "compact living" way of thinking and will help you keep your work space contained and separate it from your home environment. Home combines a dining table with a hidden workdesk, while at the same time separates them.

Home is versatile and offers personalizing options, all components can be offered in different variants.

The standard version has a tabletop of whiteglazed ash laminate and a white laminated workspace. The construction is held together by a steel base and stands on conical legs of solid white glazed ash. With the help of a gas spring, opening and closing goes smooth and easy.

Inside the workspace is a desk organizer made of colored biocomposite that encapsulates a cord coil.

The desk organizer can this way easily provide accessible electrical outlets and USB ports inside the workspace. The desk organizer also offers a place to put work accessories and a laptop support that raises the computer to a height that’s much more ergonomic. The desk organizer adds a soft value to the concept, where tactility can take place. A bulletin board in cork, wrapped in fabric is mounted under the table top.

During our process, we have constantly taken Edsbyn's design language and manufacturing methods as well as "Design for Disassembly" into account. All parts can be separated, replaced and sorted per material for recycling.

Andreas Berggren

Jacob Thunberg

Evelina Thuresson