The result of assembling biocomposites with different materials.

Tests of different ways to join the biocomposite material with other materials when excluding glue.

User tests in the early stages with several simple cardboard models.

The result of assembling biocomposites with different materials.



Through studies, we saw that the boundaries between work and free time become blurred when working from home, and also that storage and the intended work space means different opportunities and challenges for each individual. 

The variety of different home offices are as many as the individuals.

That's why Shift was created: a unique add-on for the home office. Shift makes it possible to change working position and workplace during the day in a simple and efficient way. Shift between work, free time and to a new circular production technology.

Shift enriches and gives a unique advantage on the home office market with it's minimalistic nordic design. Be a part of the future home office!


On the inside there is a pull-out compartment, where you can easily store your most essential work materials such as paper, pens, laptop and charger.

A handle for easy transport.

Covered in a comfortable wool fabric.


In this concept, the biocomposite has mainly been used as a reinforcing core for the surrounding wool fabric, to give stability and create the shape, but also in its raw format to create visual and tactile contrast. The technique we have been using makes it possible to eliminate the use of glue in the production and to use natural materials only.

Other materials:

Fabric made of 100% wool.



The way we work has changed drastically in the last year. We  work more and more from home now with all the challenges that it entails. New requirements, new needs and new opportunities.


Erik Andersson

Paulina Andersson

Hugo Netinder