In the picture we can see typical folk blue color in the fabrics used.

Quick tests with a cardboard model.

Material samples in biocomposite that have been processed and shaped.

In the picture we can see typical folk blue color in the fabrics used.



Is there a solution that can enable environmental changes for the employee but inside the home?

In this product, several functions have been combined in one desktop that can be turned in all possible directions. It will ease your working day with better ergonomics and more variety.

With Turn, you can shield yourself from the distractions of the home, have the opportunity to stand up and work or change your sitting position when the kitchen chair is getting really uncomfortable and your back is starting to hurt.

You can sit by it with a regular chair, but in addition you can also easily take the work to a more comfortable place such as the sofa or the floor.

It can act as a side table next to your workspace, as a raised surface or as a screen with a bulletin board, just like in the office.


Constructed of 4 boards in an oblique shape.

Fittings in the corners to stabilize.

The lined board supports the construction in a standing position and acts as an extra shelf in a horizontal position.


Here, the biocomposite has been used in 4 fittings. They add a sense of Hälsingland's craftsmanship to the desk's more modern expression and eliminates the use of screws, which means easier recycling.


Other materials:

Laminated board from Edsbyn





Can all the comforts of the office be compressed into an "all-in-one" solution for the home?


Amanda Andersson

Matilda Larsdotter

Frida Lundin